" THE QUALITY LINK stands for continuous project governance, quality assurance and independent know-how."


  • THE QUALITY LINK consultants have many years of experience in the project and consulting business.
  • They have conducted projects in every conceivable situation and stage.
  • They have provided advice to business departments as well as IT organisations.
  • They have assumed roles as bidders as well as buyers.
  • They have gathered leadership skills as consultants as well as in line management functions.

Independence through size and focus

  • THE QUALITY LINK has a clear focus on managing quality and risk across all project phases.
  • Strategy consulting as well as implementation services remain the responsibility of your respective partners.


  • THE QUALITY LINK intends to support its clients with a small and highly qualified team, particularly in those phases of a project where significant benefit is derived from early recognition and avoidance of errors.
  • Our engagement is designed to last as short as possible, and as long as necessary.

Choice of collaboration

  • We can flexibly agree on how our consultants will be deployed. Depending on the particular situation you can choose between consulting, coaching, and interim management.
  • We strongly believe in our approach and are willing to be measured by the impact of our services. This implies the option of linking parts of our fees to demonstrated success.

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