" Less than half of all IT projects in Germany over the past 3 years have been successful."

Project Objectives

  • Unclear requirements are repeatedly subject to debates during project execution, with ever changing stakeholders.
  • Missing perception of decision authority assigned to the project.
  • Underestimated complexity, and/or overestimation of own capabilities.
  • No business case, or overly optimistic benefits assessment.

Project Members

  • Project managers and team members do not have the appropriate experience, or view the project as their ‘secondary’ responsibility.
  • Consultants are viewed as intruders, or have been assimilated by the organisation.
  • Loss of know-how by changing consultants during transition from strategy to realisation.
  • Time loss and frictions through inadequate experience or insufficient independence during RFP process.

Project Management Tools

  • Tools are not aligned with the project, or are used for administration rather than management and control.
  • No early warnings recognised, or risk mitigating activity is viewed as impeding.
  • Insufficient prioritisation of open issues leads to exhaustion of decision makers.

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